What We Do

The Quad Cities Food Hub is a  bi-state initiative that connects farmers and consumers in Iowa and Illinois in effort to augment regional local food production and consumption. The organization is part of a network of Regional Food System Working Groups in the state of Iowa.

A regional food system supports long-term connections between farmers and consumers while helping to meet the health, social, economic and environmental needs of communities within that region. Producers and markets are linked via efficient infrastructures that:

  • promote environmental health;
  • provide competitive advantages to producers, processors and retailers;
  • encourage identification with a region’s culture, history and ecology; and
  • share risks and rewards equitably among all partners in the system.

State Map

The Regional Food Systems Working Group supports education, conducts research and  facilitates partnerships to increase investment and support of community-based, economically sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible regional food enterprises. Representatives from more than 25 groups meet quarterly in central Iowa to discuss and coordinate efforts to build more vibrant regional food systems.

Our local food system depends on sustainable family farms. These farms are tucked in to our Iowa and Illinois landscapes. The stewards of our soils, they protect our waterways and feed our communities. We need them, and we need them to be profitable. QCFH’s goal is to pay farmers a fair and equitable price and supply affordable food to our community residents. Our pricing also considers the costs of running a sustainable business, enabling us to continue to serve the community. This includes staffing, food distribution, packaging and logistics management. We are committed to offering our patrons fair prices that reflect the true cost of high quality, local food.