Community Kitchen

A diverse space designed for value added production, education, Farm2Table events at QCFH, and community needs – the Community Kitchen is a perpetual center of activity at the Freight House. Stop into the QCFH Local Market Store and try our delicious creations made from scratch with local ingredients from area farms!

Quad Cities Food Hub’s commercially licensed, fully equipped, shared use kitchen available for rent by the hour. Hourly rates mean clients pay only for what they use, eliminating the overhead cost of long term leases for young businesses. You can start with us, grow your business, and when you’re ready move from our kitchen into your own.

In addition to helping new businesses get off the ground, our affordable kitchen space is also a great way to help established businesses expand.  Clients can use our kitchen for menu planning, catering, training, education, product development, and of course production.

Iowa law requires inspection and licensing for all people who advertise or distribute potentially hazardous food products prepared for consumption off-the premise.

Licensing is also required to sell non-potentially hazardous food and potentially hazardous food on a wholesale basis (such as selling or distributing products to restaurants, retailers, or institutions) – as well as to cater food.
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Where to get help?

Questions about local licensing inspections can be answered at the following local, county offices. People living outside the areas, listed in the State of Iowa, should contact the Food and Consumer Safety Bureau, Department of Inspections and Appeals, Lucas State Office Building, Des Moines, IA 50319 (515/281-6538).

National Food Entrepreneur Program

Launched in 1989, the National Food Entrepreneur Program has helped thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide realize their dream of starting a food company. As a new or potential food entrepreneur, it is often difficult to find an accurate source for the information necessary to successfully launch a business in the food industry. Ensuring a food product survives and prospers in a highly competitive marketplace requires informed decisions, careful planning and precise execution.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln: Food Processing Center  is a multi-disciplinary resource for the food industry, providing a combination of consulting, educational, technical, and business development services. We provide a wide range of customizable services, all delivered in a confidential, price-competitive, and timely manner.

Your local health department is the best place to begin gathering information on starting a food based business. For more information contact:

Clinton County Health Department:
Muscatine County:
Scott County:
Henry County Health Department:
Rock Island County:
Whiteside County:

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Starting a Home-Based Food Business in Iowa 

Illinois Cottage Food Law

for Home-Based Businesses


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